Fast Company Article on “Amazon Whisperer”

I came across this article I wanted to share on Fast Company Magazine that I found pretty interesting.

There is a lot of fluff in the article but the just of it is this.

This guy has created a multi million dollar company by:

Using software tools like Amasuite to find high searched termsLook at the existing products for those terms.Read reviews and see the feedback from customers on what additional features they would like to see.Create those products having the features customers are looking for.Put products on Amazon dropshipping them.Repeat.

slider-1-2They have over a dozen employees using Amasuite to find the products ALONE.

What a cool story and again emphasizing what an amazing time we live in and what huge opportunities there are.

You can find Amasuite here:

You can read the full article here

Skills to pay the bills,


full disclosure

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View the original article here


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