Adult monthly box

whisperWith the new monthly box craze, I went online to see if there was any sort of “naughty box” that I could get for friends for xmas presents.

For those unfamiliar with the monthly boxes you get a box of trial stuff in a particular niche and it comes monthly.

I currently have about 8 different ones and it’s awesome when they come, it’s cool to be surprised.

Anyway, there appears to be nothing in the adult space.  I think this would be a interesting opportunity for someone looking for a new endeavor.

It’s kind of the culmination of consumers wanting more things in line with the racy “Fifty shades of grey”  and the new monthly box craze.

You could get samples of condoms, lubes, restraints, various things…  I am sure you can come up with some.

Anyway just my dumb idea of the month.

full disclosure

hogan Shawn Hogan Speaks Out On FBI Charges 41591_149249958438888_9382_n Movies That Motivate Me File:Fight_Club_poster How Fight Club Changed My Life (And How You Can Change Yours Too)

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