My Stats From New Gmail Changes In Email Sorting

Last June Gmail introduced the “tabs” that sorted promotional emails into their own section outside of the inbox.

For those who don’t use Gmail here is what it looks like:


People all over the internet were chiming in about how this was going to alter email marketing as we know it.

Even email service providers were writing “theories” on what was going to happen.  With our PAR Program company, we not only are a service provider with email being a component but more importantly,  unlike any email service.  I actually have real experience actually doing what I am providing.  Over 11 years now.

And being I have an actual product myself that I sell using my PAR Program,  again unlike these companies developing theories,  I see real stats.

So here are my findings.  Again only related to Gmail Users ( addresses):

10-25% decrease on initial open/click rates on average 24 hours after the email is sent .Average time to open/click emails much longer.Overall 10 day average had a significant increase in click/open rates.Increase in revenue from emails (20% in my ShoeMoney Products).

I believe the increase in e-commerce sales from our clients and my own products is pretty simple.

People get the email but its non intrusive because its filed away.  Which is why we see the delay in open/clicks/purchases.When people get time to actually go through their promotional section they have time to read the email and react.  This is why we see an increase in opens/clicks/purchases over the long haul.

Now I don’t expect these results to be typical.  I have been doing email marketing for 11 years now focusing on consumer engagement.  I personally write all the copy for our clients as well as advise them on various key points.

If your subject line, from address/name, and email copy are not good (or you just don’t know how to do it right)  then this is going to hurt you.  Now people have time to unsubscribe and report you as spam.

So if you have good copy these gmail tabs are going to help you a lot as people digest the value you are giving them and react as such.

I have some other really interesting stats coming up soon so stay tuned!

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