How To Get Rich Trading Penny Stocks

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

Self-made millionaire trader and Lamborghini driving bad boy, Timothy Sykes, is proud to announce today that one of his Millionaire Challenge students, Tim Grittani, has crossed the one-million-dollar profit mark, becoming his second millionaire student in the last six weeks, preceded by Michael K. Goode.

Grittani, a 24-year-old recent graduate of Marquette University, turned his life’s savings of $1,500 into $1,002,000 in two and a half years by trading penny stocks and following the strategy of Sykes. Starting with a larger investment of $100,000, Goode passed the $1 million profit mark on October 31, just a few weeks ahead of Grittani, following the same strategy that Sykes teaches.


“I am so proud of Michael and Tim for being my first millionaire students,” said Sykes, founder of Millionaire Media and “I have the formula to make anyone a millionaire and the success of my students proves that my strategy works as they’ve become millionaires in just a few short years like I did. My students come from all walks of life around the world, which shows that no matter who you are or where you come from, I can lead anyone to wealth and success if they just follow my rules.”

By the age of 22, Sykes was a self-made millionaire after turning his Bar Mitzvah gift money of $12,415 into $1.65 million by trading penny stocks. After briefly managing the #1 ranked-short-bias hedge fund by Barclay for three years, Sykes decided to dedicate himself to teaching his strategy to others. In 2010, Sykes co-founded, which was designed to serve as an online platform where traders could share their performance and trades openly to help each other learn and improve.

In February 2011, Sykes created the Millionaire Challenge in order to put his trading theories to the test with the objective of creating a millionaire out of an average person, a goal he’s now achieved two times over.

Sykes is one of five “gurus” on the website who educate their students by providing daily commentary, watch lists, trade alerts, video lessons and webinars. With Sykes as Goode and Grittani’s chosen “guru,” they mastered his strategy, starting with his how-to DVD “PennyStocking” study guides and video lessons, reading his best-selling book, “An American Hedge Fund,” and learning from his weekly Millionaire Challenge webinars.

Previously a skeptic of Sykes’ strategy, Goode wrote a negative article about him on his blog,, before trying his system. It wasn’t until he took a deeper look at Sykes’ trades and stock predictions that Goode realized his trading system really worked. Grittani on the other hand, found Sykes through an online ad and applied to the Millionaire Challenge after watching one of his videos and being convinced by his strategy.

During their first six months of trading, Goode and Grittani both lost in the stock market before turning to Sykes for help. Goode made and lost $100,000 before he became a student in 2008. However, Grittani made history when he made $215,000 in one day by implementing Sykes’ trading strategy.

Yesterday, when Grittani crossed the $1 million profit milestone he said “the whole thing feels absolutely surreal, especially when I stop and think about where I was only two years ago – just a college student from a middle class suburban family. I don’t feel like I did anything extraordinary to get here, I just did my best to trade well every day. It’s amazing how fast the gains added up once I developed consistency. I can’t thank Tim enough. He’s changed my life.”

“Tim is one of the guru’s out there that is real, he’s honest and I trust him,” said Goode. “I’m very happy that I met him and started day trading. I’ve learned a lot from him.”

To keep up with Sykes, Goode, Grittani and other Millionaire Challenge students, follow their journey and track their trades on

Now, if Tim can convince his mom to start washing his laundry again, he’ll become the ultimate success story. :)

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Is Forex Trading Really For You?

The foreign exchange market became one of the best home-based business possibilities and it is available to everybody. This large market moves on 24 hours a day, five days each week. Why wouldn’t you capture a little bit for your own personal use? That is certainly just one reason. If you have the best platform and may easily produce a proper mindset towards Forex trading, then continue reading.

A top degree of self-discipline is needed so keep trading for a while now by using a Forex trial account could be a useful application for individual development. You can find 4 main currency pairs of course, if you’re just beginning, it could be better if you happen to deal with only 2-3 sets. You can even concentrate on the same pair which leaves a person time for sector examination.

Whichever investing style you like, you may use it simply because the foreign exchange market offers you a good amount of opportunities. Transactions over the foreign exchange market to continue minimal number of additional expenses because of absence of centralized buying and selling platforms apart from data hosts.

There is certainly large quantity of reasons why you ought to keep researching the foreign exchange market. Treating it critically from beginning will give you a better start and more secure profits after you go in live online trading. You can begin your expense in so known as margin, which has a influence of 100 to at least one, 200 to at least one, or maybe 400 to at least one, based on the broker you have chosen. This means that you don’t desire a big amount of cash to have huge profits frequently.

Additionally a mean class computer and very good the internet are enough to begin your Forex trading experience. And getting an internet trading program that delivers additional chart and reports 100 % free can be a perfect place to start with, like Meta Investor. This platform enables you to see graphs, news, events, use signals, and many others features. That is a great benefit into the traditional buying and selling of nearby currency or other marketplaces, like precious metals, exactly where the price is placed locally and afflicted greatly because of your nearby overall economy.

Since its appearance Forex has become a very popular way of earning money. The main reason of such popularity is, for sure, that big money can be made quickly here. Very often success in trade depends on a platform. Try different systems, keep an eye on top trading platforms. Also it would be smart to find out something about currency trading platforms if you are going to deal with it. Today the Internet provides you with a nice opportunity to look for anything you need. So just search for forex trading platforms and go ahead to your wealth.

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