3 Essential Blogging Skills You Should Pursue

Get Ready To Blog!

What are the 3 essential skills you should acquire in order to experience a topnotch success with your blog?

I can boldly say that most bloggers work more than 15 hours a week and as such, they need to stay on track. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make money blogging or drive tons of free traffic.

Therefore, you must revisit your goals and see if you’re still on track or have been distracted unknowingly.

When I started blogging, I thought every activity requires my attention.

But I was wrong. Yes, there is nothing wrong in knowing what’s happening here and there, but when it comes to growing your blog, I want to share the 3 essential skills you should pursue and lay your hands on.

Right away, let’s explore the 3 essential skills and show you how to develop them easily:

Did you know that most bloggers are too timid to meet people when they attend conferences and workshops? I’ve attended about three this year and I can tell you that making friends quickly is a skill that most people don’t possess.

But if you want to take your blog to the next level, then you’ve got to move away from your own portal and communicate with other people. This is where networking comes in.

Yes, I agree that you started your own because you’ve something valuable to share, but if you’re alone, how on earth are you going to promote that content?

When I started guest blogging like crazy in 2012, I connected with a lot of A-list bloggers and that connection brought in writing assignments, book projects and I was able to make more money than my friends who work with big firms in their city.

No matter what you do, learn to communicate effectively. Don’t be shy to meet people. Don’t be shy to connect with other bloggers. Don’t give excuses why they’d reject you.

Ideally, before you pitch a guest post to an A-list blogger, find out how they’re doing, how the family is fairing as well.

Talk to people with respect. If you can communicate well, you’ll be able to clearly showcase the value you provide. This blogging skill is priceless – go grab it!

I love to persuade

Now you need to convert readers to email subscribers. And stealthily nurture the relationship until people start to believe, trust and like you. At that point, it’d be easier to convince them to buy your affiliate product or order your latest e-book.

Persuasion skill is vital because you need to make money with your blog. The blogosphere is already saturated with bloggers who wants a piece of the cake. You need to stand out in the crowd, by using persuasive skills.

For instance, if a reader wants to buy a web hosting package from Hostgator. You and I know that millions of blogs review this because they want the recurring income (well, who doesn’t).

But the most important factor that would determine who the reader buys from is persuasion. If I visit your blog and you highlight the benefits, give me HUGE bonuses and even help me set up my new blog, I’d be more likely to buy through your affiliate link.

Remember that giving away so much value isn’t enough. You’ve to learn to communicate it like copywriters do. Persuade people to buy from you, rather than your friend who also reviews the same thing.

So how do you persuade people to listen and buy from you? Well, the first step is to understand the basics of psychology. Why do people buy products online? You’ve got to understand that prospects buy out of emotion but at the end, they always justify it by logic.

Learn how people think and act. This way, you can write persuasive blog posts, craft catchy titles and use strong but no-hype call to action designs.

Can I let you in on a secret? Did you know that my typical post is well-detailed, about 3000 words? See 73 writing tips. But notwithstanding, my readers still enjoy it, because I use persuasive tactics to hook them. Aha! Keep your mouth shut!

The last blogging skill that’s so wonderful and I advise that you pursue it is “outsourcing skill.” Let me tell you the truth – for you to make a good living online as a blogger, you need to bring other people onboard.

You will need the services of a writer, a web graphic design, a programmer, a marketer, virtual assistants and so many other professionals.

Even if you’re proficient and can do all of that, you don’t have enough time to subject yourself to rigorous work. Professional bloggers whom you admire today all have people working with them.

I’m telling you the truth. Learn how to outsource to professionals without investing all your hard earned money. In fact, outsourcing skills helps you to become a productive blogger so you can write more, promote better and make more money.

There you go, the 3 powerful and essential blogging skills you should pursue and lay your mighty hands on. No matter how long it takes to become an expert at these skills, don’t give up.

Remember that persuasive and communication skills makes you a better writer, while outsourcing skill makes you a productive and effective marketer.

Have you acquired any special skill recently that’s been helpful to your blogging business? I can’t wait to read your valuable comment below. See you ahead.

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Social Media Marketing Video – Keep It Super Simple

There is always something new online, today we have Facebook and Twitter and many savvy marketers are using both to drive a ton of very qualified traffic to their website. To really amp up the results you can also do social media marketing video. You can use this method to promote pretty much any type of product you can think of online.

The one underlying thing to keep in mind whenever you use video to market a product or service is that the quality of the video will go a long way in determining what kind of results you get. A poorly made, hard to see or hear video won’t do much to make you look like a knowledgeable expert in your niche. No one expects Academy Award caliber videos, but they must be well laid out and visually appealing.

For most marketing videos the K.I.S.S. acronym works extremely well: Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t go over the top with flashy graphics or loud music. It’s much better to just deliver a quality video that will help your target audience handle some problem or issue in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s really all they want, someone who can show them how to do the one thing they desperately want to know how to do.

It could be to potty train their Pitbull, start seedlings, or just learn how to make big bucks online. Whatever it is, if you can show them in easy to follow steps, on video, how they can do it, they’ll be your friend forever.

Don’t go hog wild and invest thousands in high tech gear to record your videos. Instead a few hundred dollars, some screen capture software and/ or a video camera, a tripod (optional) and a decent microphone is really all you need.

Once you’ve assembled the tools you need to come up with a compelling video. Again, pinpoint the one issue the people in your niche face and then teach them a way to overcome that issue.

Don’t get tongue tied or stammer throughout the video either. Make an outline of the major points you want to cover so you don’t get distracted and jump from one point to another. Don’t talk too fast or too slow. You have to make sure that you’re viewers can not only understand you but hopefully that they’ll come to trust and like you too.

That’s the huge benefit on using video online, it greatly increases the personalization of the otherwise impersonal internet. It allows you to connect with people on a much deeper level and if you use that properly, it can make a huge difference in your business.

Being able to allow your visitors to hear your voice and see your face while you give them help with a problem they’re having is taking social media marketing video to a whole new level. Remember, it takes an average of 7 contacts with people before they feel comfortable enough with you to make a purchase, by allowing people to really get to ‘know’ you through video, you can get the most out of those 7 contacts and maybe even speed up the process.

Join Me for a Live Webinar – Rapid Listbuilding 2.0

written by John Chow on December 9, 2013

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

I’m hosting a webinar this Thursday (December 12th) at 6PM EST, and I like to invite you to attend. It’s FREE! My guest on the webinar will be Clay Collins. For those who don’t know, Clay is the founder and CEO of LeadPages.

Click the link below to check out what we’re doing and to register:

Rapid Listbuilding 2.0: The 7 Most Important Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website To 3x/4x Your List In The Next 6 Months

It’s all happening this this Thursday (December 12th) at:

3PM Pacific4PM Mountain5PM Central6PM Eastern

Here’s what folks have said about this webinar . . .

“Seeing how all your landing pages can work together as a sales machine was illuminating! Everyone should see this!”
Marcos D’Urbano

“This is definitely the best marketing webinar I’ve attended.”
Martin Chernenkof?f

“This was the best webinar I’ve seen (and I produce professional webinars for a living.)”
Lenny Ferreira

What We’ll Be Talking About

The four pages on your website should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus. (If you focus on these four webpages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase profits). This is about focus. Pay attention to these four pages and you’ll do great. Ignore them and you’re hosed.The 7 most important tweaks you should be making to your website in 2013.How to easily create a one-page dashboard to help you monitor the most important webpages in your business (and monitor the life of your list).

It’s all happening this Thursday (December 12th) at times listed above. The room has limit of 1000. I expect a full house. Go reserve your seat now and join us. See you on Thursday!

Rapid Listbuilding 2.0

Register for Rapid Listbuilding 2.0 with John Chow and Clay Collins

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How To Get Rich Trading Penny Stocks

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

Self-made millionaire trader and Lamborghini driving bad boy, Timothy Sykes, is proud to announce today that one of his Millionaire Challenge students, Tim Grittani, has crossed the one-million-dollar profit mark, becoming his second millionaire student in the last six weeks, preceded by Michael K. Goode.

Grittani, a 24-year-old recent graduate of Marquette University, turned his life’s savings of $1,500 into $1,002,000 in two and a half years by trading penny stocks and following the strategy of Sykes. Starting with a larger investment of $100,000, Goode passed the $1 million profit mark on October 31, just a few weeks ahead of Grittani, following the same strategy that Sykes teaches.


“I am so proud of Michael and Tim for being my first millionaire students,” said Sykes, founder of Millionaire Media and Profit.ly. “I have the formula to make anyone a millionaire and the success of my students proves that my strategy works as they’ve become millionaires in just a few short years like I did. My students come from all walks of life around the world, which shows that no matter who you are or where you come from, I can lead anyone to wealth and success if they just follow my rules.”

By the age of 22, Sykes was a self-made millionaire after turning his Bar Mitzvah gift money of $12,415 into $1.65 million by trading penny stocks. After briefly managing the #1 ranked-short-bias hedge fund by Barclay for three years, Sykes decided to dedicate himself to teaching his strategy to others. In 2010, Sykes co-founded Profit.ly, which was designed to serve as an online platform where traders could share their performance and trades openly to help each other learn and improve.

In February 2011, Sykes created the Millionaire Challenge in order to put his trading theories to the test with the objective of creating a millionaire out of an average person, a goal he’s now achieved two times over.

Sykes is one of five “gurus” on the Profit.ly website who educate their students by providing daily commentary, watch lists, trade alerts, video lessons and webinars. With Sykes as Goode and Grittani’s chosen “guru,” they mastered his strategy, starting with his how-to DVD “PennyStocking” study guides and video lessons, reading his best-selling book, “An American Hedge Fund,” and learning from his weekly Millionaire Challenge webinars.

Previously a skeptic of Sykes’ strategy, Goode wrote a negative article about him on his blog, Goodetrades.com, before trying his system. It wasn’t until he took a deeper look at Sykes’ trades and stock predictions that Goode realized his trading system really worked. Grittani on the other hand, found Sykes through an online ad and applied to the Millionaire Challenge after watching one of his videos and being convinced by his strategy.

During their first six months of trading, Goode and Grittani both lost in the stock market before turning to Sykes for help. Goode made and lost $100,000 before he became a student in 2008. However, Grittani made Profit.ly history when he made $215,000 in one day by implementing Sykes’ trading strategy.

Yesterday, when Grittani crossed the $1 million profit milestone he said “the whole thing feels absolutely surreal, especially when I stop and think about where I was only two years ago – just a college student from a middle class suburban family. I don’t feel like I did anything extraordinary to get here, I just did my best to trade well every day. It’s amazing how fast the gains added up once I developed consistency. I can’t thank Tim enough. He’s changed my life.”

“Tim is one of the guru’s out there that is real, he’s honest and I trust him,” said Goode. “I’m very happy that I met him and started day trading. I’ve learned a lot from him.”

To keep up with Sykes, Goode, Grittani and other Millionaire Challenge students, follow their journey and track their trades on Profit.ly.

Now, if Tim can convince his mom to start washing his laundry again, he’ll become the ultimate success story. :)

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Adult monthly box

whisperWith the new monthly box craze, I went online to see if there was any sort of “naughty box” that I could get for friends for xmas presents.

For those unfamiliar with the monthly boxes you get a box of trial stuff in a particular niche and it comes monthly.

I currently have about 8 different ones and it’s awesome when they come, it’s cool to be surprised.

Anyway, there appears to be nothing in the adult space.  I think this would be a interesting opportunity for someone looking for a new endeavor.

It’s kind of the culmination of consumers wanting more things in line with the racy “Fifty shades of grey”  and the new monthly box craze.

You could get samples of condoms, lubes, restraints, various things…  I am sure you can come up with some.

Anyway just my dumb idea of the month.

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Get your brand out in front of thousands at Affiliate Summit 2014

I am auctioning myself to wear your company’s shirt for 3 days during the Affiliate Summit West Event January 2014 in Las Vegas.

All of the proceeds go to Matt Talbots Kitchen which feeds the homeless, in the name of the  Affiliate Marketers Give Back foundation which is a non profit group lead by Missy Ward (Affiliate Summit Co-Founder).

The winning bidder can pay us by Credit Card, Check, or Wire Transfer.

This is a HUGE oppournunity to get your company out to a very targeted audience.  I normally take between 50 and 100 pictures with people and this year we will be doing video again interviewing people in the expo hall.

Here is the history of my T-Shirt Auction for Charity and details:

At Affiliate Summit West 2009 I agreed to wear your companies logo EXCLUSIVELY at Affiliate Summit west and the auction ended up going for $10,000 !!!!.


The winning bidders Trainsignal, makers of computer training software, were in attendance. We gave the money on behalf of the Affiliate Marketers Give Back foundation to the National Breast cancer society.

Then at Affiliate Summit East 2009 I did the same auction again for the Lincoln City People’s Mission Homeless Shelter and it ended at $11,000.00. The winning bidder was the giant coupon site retailmenot.com

Once more a year ago at Affiliate Summit West 2010 I held an auction that raised $10,100 for the People’s City Mission again, the high bid coming from ClickBooth.

In 2011 Banner Ad Rockstar won the Auction for $5,000.00

2012 ASW Hostzilla Webhosting company for $5710


2012 Leadscon NYC BMI Elite – $5000

2012 Affiliate Summit West – Anthony Morrison – $5,000

Its really been awesome raising over $50,000 at Affiliate Summit events by wearing a companies t-shirt.

This is a great chance to get your brand out there and also support a GREAT CAUSE!

You will receive a TON of exposure. And A LOT MORE than just a handsome model wearing your logo!

Video Exposure:

At Affiliate Summit this year we have gone through all the background checks, union agreements, and other hoops to be one of very few people allowed to take video inside of Affiliate Summit West. I already have about15 companies booked to interview them about their services and also will be doing some general video.I also am asked about 10-20 times to be video interviewed (nobody is supposed to shoot video without authorization people will do it outside of conference areas) and your shirt will be shown.I have over 10,000 YouTube subscribers and am by far the most subscribed to person in this niche. All of the subscribers get alerted each time I upload a video. Each of my videos also has a chance of being syndicated by techcrunch/mashable or another large HUGE website and giving your company more exposure.I will also put the video on our CDN which will be ShoeMoney branded and get more exposure on the blog here.

Photo Exposure:

My photo gallery is the most visited section of ShoeMoney.com other than the root domain. Check these stats out from the last year.


You are not reading that wrong… over 2 million page views and almost 1.7 MILLION UNIQUE page views. That’s quite an amazing reach!

But besides the TONS of photos I will have in my own gallery, there will be loads of them on flickr and Facebook that people will tag and they’ll be seen by many.

So put your logo in front of TONS of people NOW!

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Flava Flav to co-host affiliate ball at ASW 2014

The Affiliate Ball has become quite the tradition at Affiliate Summit Events.  Its kind of like a players ball meets an affiliate network event.  Always top level hip-hop talent and a great group of affiliate marketers & companies.

Last ASW they had Big Boy from outcast,  Coolio.  It was SUPER awesome!

Flavor Flav this year?  You kidding me?  YAAA BOYYYY!

Details from the official Affiliate Summit Blog:

Affiliate Ball, the official party on Monday, January 13, 2014 at Affiliate Summit West 2014, will be co-hosted by legendary recording artist and TV personality, Flavor Flav.

Affiliate Ball

Flavor Flav will also co-host the AFFY Awards, which are given to industry veterans for their outstanding contributions to the internet marketing world.

This time around, the Affiliate Ball will take place inside of Paris Las Vegas in the Chateau Nightclub. This will be the first time that Affiliate Ball is in the same hotel as Affiliate Summit.

The AFFY Awards, which recognize industry players for their contributions, will also be presented that evening. You can recommend industry folks to Affiliate Ball for the honor.

More information is expected in the next week about the featured performer(s).

Past artists have included Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Big Boi of Outkast, Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys, Ice-T and Coco, Doug E Fresh, and Three 6 Mafia.

RSVP now at affiliateball.com. Passes can be picked up at the Affiliate Ball Meet Market table (#744) on the Sunday of Affiliate Summit.

For sponsorship information, contact info@affiliateball.com or call 818 825-3972.

Yeah boy!

Video: Affiliate Ball at Affiliate Summit West 2014

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